Decorating Open Space Living Room Ideas

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If you have a rooms were big enough in the house, it can be used to create an open space with a variety of functions. For example, you create an open space living room. With the open space, it could be used as a children’s playground, dining room, and others. So one big open space can be used for various activities. Well, in this article I will provide an decorating open space living room ideas.

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In making the open space in the living room, you need to specify the size of the room first. Try to keep the room does have adequate capacity. Do not get too narrow because it would complicate the placement of furniture in the living room. Another factor to consider is the location of wind resource. If you want to feel the living area by a cool wind gusts so the living room should be near the wind source, such as a large door or window. Good air circulation in the open space will make your living room cozy. When the living room juxtaposed with another room, a dining room for example then make sure that the lighting in all rooms evenly. You can also create different lighting one room to another room. For example, in your living room open space give white light then there is next to a dining room which has a yellow light. Effects of different lighting will make an appearance in the room becomes more beautiful.



Design on the walls of the room you have to fix when only using the concept of monotone colors. Coloring on open space living room is better to use bright colors. This coloring can use one color or several colors. Provided that different coloring is done in the room next to the main function other than as a living room, a dining room for example. Do forget also to install the painting or photo gallery or a ornaments on the wall for display on the wall of the open space living room look attractive. You can also give a craft that is natural in the room, such as a large wooden statue or urn. If you have a large open shelf cabinets, can be added to the room but give the ornaments or books on the shelf. If your room has a window, put a curtain so that it looks beautiful.



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